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Heated Rhetoric. Minor Clashes.

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r2850967136Heated rhetoric is nothing new in Nepalese politics. The deep divisions in the country and the extreme political polarisation has generated an all-or-nothing attitude amongst many participants. Nepal is still peering over a precipice.  There has been some violence between cadre and activists of both the UCPN (Maoist) and the UML, resulting in a few deaths. Senior Maoists leaders are continuing to direct verbal salvos against both the new government and the so-called Indian expansionists.

Perhaps most indicative of the tenor of the rhetoric has been a Maoist legislator‘s bellicose claim that if the Maoists are pushed, they could destroy Kathmandu.

The Maoist boycott of parliament continues and the always seething Terai has experienced a number of enforced Maoist bandhs.

There is, however hope that the rhetoric and the violence are tactically calculated bargaining strategies unleashed by the Maoists as a means to strengthen their hand in negotiations with the government. The fact that they are engaged in talks with the governing UML indicated that, perhaps, war is not inevitable. Hopefully recent events are only the latest example of Nepal’s no-holds barred politicking.

(Image: Reuters Shruti Shrestha)


Written by Michael

June 11, 2009 at 3:35 pm

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