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Ongoing Stalemate in Nepal

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The South Asian security environment has been on a crazy roller-coaster in the past few weeks. Just as Sri Lanka’s long-running civil war seems to have come to (at least a temporary) halt and Pakistan continues a fierce assault to regain authority over its unstable periphery, Nepal remains mired in a constitutional crisis which calls into question its very viability as a state.

The Maoists, who disrupted parliament earlier this week, are now refusing to allow the formation of a new, alternative government. They are also seeking to prevent the President from blocking parliament’s decision to sack the current head of the army.

Perhaps more troubling is some of the heated rhetoric coming from some senior Maoist leaders:

Mohan Baidya Kiran, the United Maoist Party Senior leader and the ideological mentor of Prachanda has opined that the dictatorial 240 years old Royal Regime has re-emerged in another form.

What this kind of rhetoric suggests is that, at least at the ideological level,the Maoists are preparing themselves for the option of the resumption of armed struggle. If the Maoists take up arms to fight parliament and a new government, they are anti-democratic (something which runs counter to the image they have sought to cultivate). If, however, the new democratic Nepal is really a shell controlled by shadowy, reactionary, royalist elements than a new revolution is simply the continuation of the fight for democracy.

I am not suggesting that the Maoists have decided to return to arms. Rather, they seem to be laying the groundwork for making war an option if and when they decide it becomes tactically and strategically necessary. It truly is chilling stuff.


Written by Michael

May 20, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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