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Most of my posts in the past week have been on developments in Nepal. India’s Forgotten War is devoted to Maoism in India, so why the shift in focus? What happens in Nepal has profound implications on the Naxal insurgency. To ignore the deteriorating political situation in what seems to be turning into South Asia’s latest failed state would be a mistake. Nepal matters.

The Nepalese and the Indian Maoists have maintained ‘fraternal’ relations preceding the founding of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in 2004. Both organisations are members of the largely moribund Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia and the the Naxalites have, on occasion, hosted leaders of their Nepalese ideological brethren.

More important than the existing institutional ties are the covert linkages which both groups have cultivated. The Nepalese Maoists (who were present at the founding assembly of the CPI (Maoist) ) have provided guerrilla training, weapons and logistical support to the Naxalites. Their experience in effectively fighting a full fledged insurgency has proven valuable to their older, yet less successful, fraternal comrades.

Since the implementation of the peace agreement in Nepal, however, relations between the two groups have been strained. The Naxalites have engaged in launched verbal salvos at the Nepalese for their parliamentarism. Largely because of ideological, tactical and strategic differences, cross-border co-operation has virtually halted. With the possible resumption of war in Nepal, this may change and the implications for India are not good.

With a Maoist guerilla zone in a failed state that borders large parts of Naxal controlled areas in India the flow of arms, people and money from illicit activities would be a major boost to the Naxalites. It is a situation which both they (and the Nepalese) would no doubt exploit. This is why Nepal is important to Naxalism and this is why I’ve been writing so much about it.

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