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Liberated Zone- Dantewada Attack

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Dantewada is the closest that the Naxalites have come to establishing a ‘liberated zone’ in India. I was in the area in 2008 and the local commander of the CRPF told me that the state controls nothing but the Salwa Judum camps and the main road during the day.

A poverty stricken part of the country, Dantewada’s primarily indigenous population coupled with a lack of infrastructure and guerrilla-friendly terrain has made it ground zero in India’s Maoist war.

On the eve of a re-polling (the first round of voting was suspended after a successful Naxalite-called boycott), the Naxalites have struck again, killing at least 11 in a landmine blast. The dead included members of Salwa Judum, the CRPF and the ill0trained, often underage, quasi-official Special Police Officers.

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  1. HALF KNOWLEDGE IS MORE HAZARDOUS. P Chidambaram is the ” WORST ” Home Minister when it comes to Terrorism. The death of 73 Jawans is the direct result of Power Sharing in Govt without experience in a ” Particular Job ” to form Govt. India needs ” SMART & AGGRESSIVE ” Defense Minister to tackle Terrorism & not a Peace Keeper or Economist. India has more Home Grown ” TERRORISTS ” than any country in the world, but still under performing and not on INT Stage.


    April 6, 2010 at 9:56 am

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