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Phase II

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Phase II of the election is less than 24 hours away. Reports are coming in of two Naxalite actions in the polling areas. A train has been highjacked by around a hundred guerillas in Jharkhand. Over 700 hundred people are being held hostage. A block development office has been blown up and a truck driver killed in a series of co-ordinated attacks in neighbouring Gaya and Aurangabad districts in Bihar.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a bloody two days.

Maoists have melted back into the jungle and released all of the hostages unharmed. Why? Well it seems there are two reasons:

A Maoist spokesman, Gopal, told the BBC: “This was a symbolic gesture, no intention to cause harm to passengers and anyway it is very hot here.”

Heh. Cheeky. Who knew that Maoists were could be so sardonic caustic (note to self: verify meaning of big words that I use to sound clever).


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