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Nepal Plunging Back Into War?

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nepal_election_results_02A confrontation which has been building for months between Nepal’s Maoist government and the army seems to be entering a crisis phase. In the past day the government has accused the armed forces of disobeying orders, demanding that its head step down. Link

A return to war is something which India cannot afford. The Prachanda government has been keen on establishing international prestige and  legitmacy.  One element of their strategy has  been courting India and  weakening (if not completely ending) their ties to the Indian Maoists (with the usual charges of revisionism being tossed about). This has been a boon for the Indian government.  The Naxalite’s main weapons suppliers have been the Nepalese Maoists and the Sri Lankan LTTE.

With the LTTE tied down in a fight for their survival and the Nepalese Maoists busy with the practice of bourgeoise democracy, the CPI (Maoist) is without many regional friends. A resumption of civil war is something which the Naxalites would welcome.


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April 20, 2009 at 10:58 pm

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